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Seraj all natural skin care products contain valuable nutrients and proteins along with rich essential fatty acids and enzymes to help revive and rejuvenate your skin, as well as provide anti-aging benefits.

Our healing skin products also contain carotene which has Vitamin A and antioxidants.  Together, Vitamin E and Vitamin C or beta is thought to protect your body cells from the damaging effects of oxidation.

Enjoy a wonderful new elasticity to your skin.  Our creams absorb easily into your skin and will not clog your pores, will leave a healthy glow as well as soften fine lines and wrinkles.  They also have therapeutic compound essential oils.  These essential oils are calming aromatherapy which can actually relieve daily stress.

Some of our creams have been quite effective for eczema, will calm any rash you may have and feel great on any part of your body.  You can use the creams to remove makeup and they work wonders to smooth rough, dry skin.

Our all natural creams are effective on painful sunburns or just a day in the sun moisturizer.  Use them as an antiseptic or on minor scrapes and abrasions as well.  And – by the way – all of our products are naturally preserved!

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