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About Seraj All Natural and Organic

Seraj All Natural LogoSeraj All Natural and Organic Health and Beauty Products – About the Company

Seraj All Natural Products was formally created in 2009 by Sheryl Seraj.  Years of natural herbal study prompted Mrs. Seraj to create natural personal care products for her family.  What began as a part time hobby creating personal skin care products has blossomed into a wonderfully exciting enterprise – with help from her husband Khalid Seraj who holds a Masters Degree in Biochemistry, a new level of depth and knowledge has been added to bring together one of the most advanced all natural and organic skin care lines available today.


“I was surrounded by nature at the Field of Flowersfoot of the Spanish Peaks mountain range in a small southern Colorado town called La Veta.  My great grandma would take me on long walks through our beautiful farm land.  She would often point out different herbs and explain what they could be used for.  Since then I have had great respect and a deep passion for what nature has to offer.  I desire to offer the same wonders of nature with you and your family.”


Earth Friendly and Alcohol Free PhotoOur products are created entirely of all natural ingredients and the finest materials.  You can actually pronounce our ingredients!

We are careful to be a “green” conscientious company focusing on eco-friendly products.  Also, rest assured we never test ANY of our products on animals – just a few brave family members.

We take great pride in providing our customers with the finest herbal products and customer service possible.  We welcome your valuable comments!

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