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Seraj All Natural Floral Cream

Seraj All Natural Floral Scented Cream has a distinct scent of Jasmine that will take you to a place of well-being while providing a silky smooth luster that can soothe away dryness and skin irritations…

White Flower on LeavesAll Natural and Organic Floral Scented Cream from Seraj

Seraj All Natural Floral Scented Cream has a distinct scent of Jasmine that will take you to a place of well-being while providing a silky smooth luster that can soothe away dryness and skin irritations.

Our Floral Cream is rich with minerals and vitamins especially good for prematurely aged, sensitive and inflamed skin.  It has mild astringent properties that prevent the clogging of pores or breakouts.White Daisy

Ingredients: The Floral Cream contains an assortment of floral essential oils, patchouli, apricot oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, almond oiol, fennel, clary sage, carrot, Vitamin E, Candelilla wax, distilled water and aloe.


  • Anti-aging
  • Premature aging
  • Eczema
  • Dry skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Minor scarring
  • Sunburns
  • Antiseptic
  • Relief from itching

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6 thoughts on “Seraj All Natural Floral Cream”

  1. Which is better for wrinkles and “feather” lips? The Floral Cream or the Green Tea Cream? I am 61yo and also getting wrinkles around lower face area.

    Also, is Green Tea cream benefical for a 15yo boy with a bad case of acne? He’s tried everything including Rx’s.

    1. Hi Cheral,

      They’re both wonderful for anti-aging – we’ve had great comments on both.

      However, for aging skin I would more recommend the Green Tea cream due to the antioxidants – with age, skin needs more help with free radicals (which damage skin cells) – and the Green Tea cream helps with that.

      We have recently had some very positive feedback on the effects of this cream on acne also. =)

      You can read more about the Green Tea cream here:

      Thanks for your question!

      Sheryl Seraj

  2. I’m looking for your, all natural & organic wrinkle cream. Is it under citrus creams or floral creams or green tea creams or lavender creams ? I can’t find it.

    1. Hi Mary – the Citrus, Floral, Green Tea and Lavender creams all fall into the category of “wrinkle creams.” Each of the creams has some differences in the types of effects they have – our most popular for anti-aging/wrinkles has been the Citrus cream – but our Green Tea cream (more recently introduced) has additional antioxidant properties, which gives a longer-term result for skin.

  3. I am 37, natural beige complexion, fine lines on face specially on forehead and puffy under eye area. My skin is sensitive and area around my lips becomes very dry and flaky. Please let me know which anti aging cream will be suitable for me.

    1. Hi Brishti,

      We have a couple of creams that are getting very positive feedback for anti-aging, including the Citrus and Green Tea creams. The Green Tea has additional anti-oxidant properties, and the green tea itself in the cream has properties which reduce puffiness.

      We do recommend trying a sample before purchasing a larger size – and especially if your skin is sensitive this will be a good idea. (Our creams generally work very well for sensitive skin since all off our ingredients are all natural and tend to be quite soothing, but it is still a good idea to try it by sample and follow the instructions on performing a patch test.)

      You can get a sample for both the Citrus and the Green Tea if you like – Here is a link to our store products page – just click on any product that you want to order a sample for, then choose the sample size

      Also – here is a link to our patch test instructions:


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