About Eczema and Babies

Possibly more than in any other circumstance, the necessity to do something effective for an eczema condition is when babies are suffering from it. Eczema is a condition that is known to be chronic (no medical cure is known at this writing), so the most effective actions involve simply finding treatments that provide relief.

There may be nothing more frustrating for a parent than trying to do something to give her or his baby relief – only to find out that “nothing works.”

Natural Remedies for Baby Eczema

While some schools of thought recommend harsh treatments for eczema (even with babies), it has been found that natural remedies for eczema tend to work just as well – or better due to the fact that this generally involves a “lighter touch” with sensitive baby skin.

The basics include keeping skin clean – using mild soothing agents to cleanse – and applying a moisturizing cream or lotion to skin after cleansing (we encourage using a gentle, soothing all natural cream).

Seraj cream contains only pure and all natural ingredients that are known to soothe and moisturize skin – and in multiple cases it has been extremely effective to reducing the rash and helping it to feel more comfortable. (Per our study, these are all ingredients that are gentle to skin – even for babies – but it is wise to perform a skin patch test when using any new product for skin – especially when a delicate and sensitive condition such as eczema exists.)

As mentioned above, eczema is known to be a chronic condition – often children “grow out of” it, while sometimes adults are unfortunate enough to have to deal with it, and have since they were children.

Some of the most common complaints having to do with eczema and babies include eczema on face, eyebrows, legs and scalp.

Is there relief for babies with eczema? We have had some rather amazing results in terms of eczema relief – per testimonials for our creams, those who try it specifically for the condition are quite happy with the results, and the ingredients we use are strictly pure, natural and organic.

As mentioned above, there have been some very happy people who have used Seraj cream for skin conditions such as eczema (among other things) – and the ingredients we use are only pure and natural – and are known to be quite gentle and safe for babies.

Eczema and Babies – What to do, what to use, how to go about it

A number of trusted resources provide information on natural baby eczema treatments.  Per the resources we have studied – as well as our own personal tips, here are the steps to follow:

To try it, order a sample of our Citrus Cream or Floral Cream product.   (Note: We have received a quite a bit of positive feedback on our Citrus Cream for eczema conditions.).

Here are instructions on how to get a sample of our cream (a small charge, plus shipping and handling fee applies, amount based on your location).

Once you receive the sample, do the following:


  • Perform a patch test with the cream (follow instructions here) to ensure it is safe for baby’s skin.
  • Once the patch test is complete (after 24 hours), providing results to the patch test were successful, cleanse the skin – using a gentle, all natural baby soap.
  • Gently apply the cream to the affected area, continue to apply it one or more times per day on a daily basis for best results. (Note: Our samples on average will last about a week.)
  • If you find that our natural cream helps, we have larger sizes available – since they are quite concentrated, they tend to last a number of months, depending on how liberally they are used and how often.
The problem of eczema and babies is no light matter. A number of parents who have struggled with the problem will attest to this – there may be nothing more heartbreaking than having one’s baby uncomfortable – or even in pain from this condition – and we want to help!