5 Simple Tips to Naturally Care for Your Skin

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II you are like me, you have at some point “Googled” something to the effect of “facial skin care tips” or “best ways to take care of skin naturally,” only to come up with a series of articles with complicated and possibly expensive solutions to good facial skin care.

With that being said, we have decided to put forth some simple tips – easy steps to take to have great skin on your side – without the complicated hassle.

The recommendations given below are not only rather easy solutions – but if followed, will likely provide a more dramatic improvement in your skin than other more complicated approaches or overly-expensive products.


Skin Care Tip #1:  Cleanse skin thoroughly, and cleanse twice per day – morning and night.

Top 5 Facial Skin Care Tips – Best (Simple) Ways to Take Care of Skin Naturally - Woman Cleansing Face

A thorough cleansing both in the morning and at night is quite important.

Why:  On any average day, facial skin can be exposed to toxins in the air from pollution as well as dust and other particles.  In addition, throughout the day (or night), perspiration and oils accumulate on skin.  The result – clogged pores and skin that cannot “breathe.”  This can cause breakouts and other problems.

Solution:  There are a few ways that skin can be thoroughly cleansed – one is a “double cleanse,” where cleanser is gently massaged into the face and rinsed twice. Another is to use a gentle exfoliant after initial cleansing, and rinsing again thoroughly.  (Tip:  Ensure you truly are rinsing very thoroughly – any residual cleanser on the skin could to some degree defeat the purpose of cleansing.)

Bottom line:  Keeping skin clean is an incredibly important part of having beautiful, healthy skin.  Your face will thank you for it!

More on Facial Cleansing – Video

Here is a video that gives some tips on how to cleanse your face properly, to help prevent future skin problems and get the very most out of your routine.

Skin Care Tip #2: Get good (and enough) sleep

Top 5 Facial Skin Care Tips - Best (Simple) Ways to Take Care of Skin Naturally - Woman waking up from a restful sleep

You probably have observed that a lack of sleep affects the appearance of facial skin.  A lack of sleep shows up as under-eye dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles becoming more pronounced, and skin gets a sort of overall dull look.

Why:  Sleep is actually the time when your body repairs itself.  When you sleep, the blood flow of the body increases, collagen is produced and even wrinkles are reduced!  Sleep is a beauty treatment in itself, and can make a huge difference in not only how you feel, but how you look.

When you deprive your body of sleep, you are actually depriving your skin of enough blood flow (oxygen), color/glow, suppleness, and general health.

Solution:  The obvious answer here is to get enough sleep – the recommended amount generally speaking is 7 to 9 hours per night.  That will vary from individual to individual, so my personal advice would be to sleep until you actually feel rested.

But – what if someone has trouble sleeping at night?  There are various reasons why people may have a difficult time getting to sleep or getting a restful sleep. 

If you are simply experiencing a “tossing and turning” phenomenon, where even though you are tired your body just refuses to relax, I would recommend looking into a natural supplement (or two) that can help your body to chill out and move into a more relaxed mode.  (I drink a calcium-magnesium powder supplement before bed, and also occasionally use valerian root extract to help me out when I need it.)

Beyond that, I would recommend that you consult your doctor or nutritionist to search out a solution for a good, restful sleep.

Skin Care Tip #3: Eat a healthy diet – good nutrition is key!

Top 5 Facial Skin Care Tips - Healthy fruits and vegetables

Perhaps more than people realize, nutrition has a direct relationship with skin health. In fact, the appearance of facial skin could give direct look into someone’s nutritional habits.

Why:  With insufficient or poor nutrition, the skin is not “fed,” so it is not able to maintain its good tone, elasticity and repair. Even in younger years, a healthy diet shows up in how skin looks – healthy people have a “glow” about them, and those with not-as-good nutritional habits have skin with a more dull appearance, with a higher likelihood of breakouts and other skin maladies.

Solution: Well the most obvious solution is to eat well-balanced, nutrition-packed meals on a regular basis, right? There are certain foods that one can concentrate on to provide super-nutrition to skin. Additionally, there are some vitamin supplements one can take that are likely to help to keep skin healthy and looking youthful.

Skin Care Tip #4: Drink plenty of water

Top 5 Facial Skin Care Tips - Healthy fruits and vegetables

This final basic skin care tip is one that I believe makes the most pronounced difference in how skin looks and feels – drinking enough water.  This actually may be too well known to insert into a “tips list,” but in my humble opinion it cannot be stated enough.

Why:  The human body is composed largely of water – when it is deprived of water (dehydrated), you can see the same thing happen to skin that happens to soil, leather etc. when it dries out – it becomes flaky, cracked and wrinkled.

Even for younger folks out three – when not properly hydrated, skin has a more dull appearance, while hydrated skin seems to have more of a glow and better color.

I have noticed personally that even when I get low on water for a single day, my skin really shows it!

Solution: Drink plenty of water! Duh, right? But – how much water is enough?

The official (medical) answer to this is for men to drink at least 13 cups per day, and for women, 9 cups. In my opinion, that should be the bare minimum – and remember that your morning java is not water – in fact, it can dehydrate you!

One thing that I do that works well for me to feel hydrated right from the start of each day is to drink about 8-12 oz. of water after I wake up – before my morning coffee. After that, keep a water glass or bottle handy and drink from it throughout the day.  Simple.

Skin Care Tip #5: Use only natural and organic products for skin

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When it comes to skin care, it is quite important to use only natural and organic products.  This includes everything from body soaps and shampoos to products applied directly to skin such as astringent or facial/skin cream.

Why:  Products with chemical ingredients can actually be quite harmful to skin – especially over time.  Even one of those “magic creams” that are supposed to make you look so much younger – if they contain harmful ingredients as part of their “magic” – can leave chemical residues on the skin.  This can really take its toll on the skin and even the body over time.  This can result in more problematic skin over time – and even more lines and wrinkles.  Kind of defeats the purpose of using the product, doesn’t it?

Solution:  When choosing and using your skincare products, you want something that will…

  • Nourish your skin and won’t leave a buildup
  • Eliminate free radicals 
  • Build up collagen and antioxidants
  • Support elasticity of skin

Additionally, a truly great skin product (such as one of our natural and organic skin creams)…

  • Should feed and nurture skin
  • Should not contain any fillers or alcohol that could dry and damage skin cells
  • Should work toward renewal and regeneration of skin cells
  • Should have a calming effect on skin, and possibly even alleviate inflammation or irritation

Something to keep in mind:  When using natural products for skin, you are not necessarily sacrificing quality or effectiveness.  No matter how many magazine ads and commercials are out there that advertise chemical-ridden skin products (you know the ones – with beautiful, clear-and-glowing-skinned women), there is simply nothing better you can do for the health and youthfulness of your skin than use products that are natural and organic.

In Conclusion – Is it Possible to Have Great Skin Simply and Easily?

Really, talking good care of skin does not require a bunch of complicated hoop-jumping – you simply need to stick to some simple, common-sense steps.  The “best skin care tips” given above will very, very likely give you even better results that one could hope for!

If you do choose to follow those 5 simple steps – give them some time to really do their work.  Don’t expect overnight results.  But chances are pretty good that after even a week you will see some pretty good results!

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave any comments or feedback below!

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